Article Index

Specific documents for Intern Student

  1. Letter of Approval from host institution
  2. Evidence of sponsorship/scholarship
  3. Letter of approval from ministry of education and vocational training for intern students(internship)
  4. Physical Verification Visit Report (PVV) where necessary

Preferential Treatment for Students from EAC

Students from East African Community Partner States are not required to apply for Residence Permit Class ‘C’. Instead, they are issued with the Exemption Certificate, which is not paid for.

Specific Documents for VOLUNTEERS

  1. Volunteer contract
  2. Job description
  3. Evidence of activities of NGO from relevant government institution i.e. social welfare
  4. A copy of constitution of an organization
  5. Physical Verification Visit Report (PVV) where necessary

Specific Documents for MISSIONERIES

  1. Job description
  2. Registration certificates from various board i.e. ERB, teaching license, medical practitioner, NBAA depending with job title (what He/ She will specifically do)
  3. Ordination certificate for missionary priest.
  4. Volunteer contract for missionary volunteer
  5. Teaching license for teachers
  6. Registration with medical board for doctors
  7. Registration with nurse midwives for nurse
  8. Registration with NBAA for Accountants (be registered with relevant board)
  9. Physical Verification Visit Report (PVV) where necessary

Specific Documents for RETIRED PERSONS

  1. Evidence of retirements benefits
  2. Surrendering of previous RP
  3. Letter of retirement
  4. Evidence of place of occupancy

Specific documents for sick persons

  1. Evidence of sickness from government medical hospital (OFFICER)
  2. Evidence of status of his /her host i.e. local/foreigner

Specific documents for those attending cases before the court

  1. Evidence of trial before the court
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Application forms

Specific documents for researchers

  1. Research permit from COSTECH
  2. CV
  3. Academic certificates
  4. Letter of introduction from the relevant university/college/institute