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Residence Permit Class ‘C’ is issued to foreigners who are not eligible to obtain either Class “A” or “B” permits. These includes; researchers, retired persons, missionaries, former employees winding up affairs, individuals attending medical treatment, volunteers, intern, parties and witness in court of laws and tribunals Application must be made prior to the entry of the prospective applicant into Tanzania except Retired persons and those winding up affairs.


  1. Dully filled online application,
  2. Covering letter from institution, school or mission
  3. Work Permit issued by Labour Commissioner (Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar), or Exemption letter from Relevant authority (For Missionaries, Volunteer and NGO employees)
  4. A Copy of National Passport (With validity of not less than six months),
  5. Passport size photograph
  6. One Full size photograph
  7. Registration Certificates from Relevant Authorities (in case the activity requires Authorization from specific Regulatory Authority),
  8. Curriculum Vitae of the applicant,
  9. Job description
  10. Certified copies of Academic certificate,
  11. Official translation of documents or certificates in case they are written in languages other than English or Swahili,
  12. Certificate of registration of institution, school or mission,
  13. Pages of Constitution of an organization showing signatories, objective and members of organization;
  14. Previous Original Class C permit (in case of renewal or replacement),
  15. Letter of No Objection for holders of resident permits shifting to new Institution.