Core Values and Functions

Core values

The Immigration Services Department has identified the basic core values which will govern its relationship with the society and other stakeholders as follows:

i. Respect for Human Rights

The Immigration Department believes in respect for human rights by avoiding arrogance, deliberate hostility, rudeness and apathy and the use of abusive languages as we interact with our customers. We will ensure friendliness and respect, in attending to public needs

ii. Transparency to society

The Immigration Department believes in sharing information both within and outside our Ministry. We will Endeavour to recognize participatory decision-making. We will maintain openness when communicating with our customers.

iii.  Integrity

The Immigration Department shall exercise our authorized powers within specified boundaries and we shall not use such powers for personal gain, to favor friends or relatives or to undermine others. We shall safeguard public funds and other public properties entrusted to us.

iv. Quality and prompt service delivery

The Immigration Department believes in providing service in a prompt and efficient manner which will meet customer’s satisfactions.

 v. Equity and Equality

The Immigration Department believes in respecting equal sharing of resources and we also believe in equal treatment of staff and public at large including favoring vulnerable groups

 vi. Adherence to Laws and Regulations

According to the nature of our functions, we need to adhere to laid down laws and regulations in order to avoid biasness and denial of justice to people

vii. Confidentiality

Due to sensitivity of our functions, we will maintain secrecy

 viii. Loyalty

The Immigration Department shall be loyal to the dully constituted Government of the day. The Immigration Department shall, therefore implement policies and lawful instructions given by our Minister and other Government leaders

 Core functions

  1. To maintain National Security through Immigration Control.
  2. To issue passports and other travel documents to bonafide citizens
  3. To issue Residence Permits and Passes to foreigners residing in the country.
  4. To facilitate and control movements of persons in and outside the country.
  5. To coordinate and facilitate Tanzania Citizenship applications