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A Prohibited Immigrant means any person who if he seeks to enter Tanzania is, or if he has entered Tanzania was at the time of his entry:

  • a destitute person;

  • mentally defective or a person suffering from mental disorder;

  • a person who refuses to submit to examination by a medical practitioner after having been required to do so;

  • a person who has been certified by a medical practitioner to be suffering from a contagious or infectious disease which makes or which would make his presence in Tanzania dangerous to the public;

  • a person who, not having received a free pardon has been convicted in any country other than Tanzania of murder or any offence for which a sentence of imprisonment has been passed for any term and who by reason of the circumstances connected therewith, is considered by the Minister to be an undesirable immigrant;

  • a prostitute or a person who is living on or receiving, or who prior to entering Tanzania, lived on or received the proceeds of prostitution;

  • a person whose entry into or continued presence in Tanzania is, in the opinion of the Minister or the Principal Commissioner of Immigration Services, undesirable and is declared by the Minister or the Principal Commissioner of Immigration Services to be a prohibited immigrant;

  • a person against whom there is in force a deportation order or any order for deportation or expulsion from Tanzania made under the provisions of any law for the time being in force;

  • a person whose presence in or entry into Tanzania is unlawfully under any law for the time being in force;

  • a dependant of a person to whom any of the preceding paragraphs of this definition apply;

  • a person who is dealing in dangerous drugs;

  • a person who has committed a terrorist act or international terrorism;

  • a person who has committed the offence of trafficking in persons.


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